Hi everyone;

Welcome to my site 🙂 This is Kevin – I am the proud owner of the website ResumeTipsCenter.com
I am not a full-time professional resume writer. However, I have years and years of job search – job applications – and experience of going through interviews looking for people to work in positions of need.
Two years ago, I started sharing my experience with my friends and I have received great and positive feedback from all of them. I took resumes from friends who were looking for positions of work and looked at how they had applied for the post in their application.
From there I would trim, alter or add what I thought they needed to get them a first interview for the job they were applying for. It is always a good start if you can get past the opening door of the initial interview.
Finally, a friend of mine suggested that I start a website and share my experience and suggestions. And here we are 🙂
As you will see through my site; I am not a technical person. But, I love sharing good resume tips and examples.
Hopefully, you will like our website… If you have any comments, or suggestions; please contact me through the contact us page.

Since 2017, Resume Tips Center has helped hundreds of people to find employment by guiding them in how to produce the correct resume for the job they are trying to land.

This is no simple task and not one that you can knock out in 5 minutes when you are trying to get a decent position of work. Having written and reviewed many resumes over time we believe we have a very good knowledge of what people need in words to get a first interview for their job vacancy.

Have a great day and good luck with your next job hunt 😉